Who We Are

Whether you are an individual or a business, our team of experts is committed to your total satisfaction. We are not a fleeting, temporary equipment provider by any stretch. Malcarne Equipment is a comprehensive machinery sales and rental company whose range of offerings is quite unparalleled compared to most providers you will encounter. We often get, “You do that? I didn’t realize that!” Indeed, we do a lot. We relish the opportunity to serve. It is our passion. We understand that everyone wants value for their investment. We are well-versed in this regard, especially when it comes to providing cost-efficient, high-performance machines. Please peruse our extensive list of industry qualifications in this domain. We are confident you will be impressed. Above all, we are dedicated. 100%. No exceptions.

Our Philosophy

We choose to empower you. Strengthening relationships, one machine at a time. Every equipment sale or rental is the forging of a bond between Malcarne Equipment, our dedicated team, and you. Every step we undertake is synced with the aim of your absolute satisfaction. We’re not just committed, we’re supportive. The machinery world can be fraught with technical challenges. The journey can be intricate, overwhelming, and unpredictable. We totally empathize and we’ll be there for you through every stage. We’re patient, attentive, and adaptable. We have the knowledge, proficiency, and professionalism to make the process of choosing your equipment a hassle-free experience for you. It’s part of our assurance to you. We have an exceptional team and we aim to retain them. Our team consists of some of the most talented, highly skilled engineers and service staff around. Our office mantra is, “Efficiency. Productivity. Enjoyment.” Their dedication, acumen, and integrity are unmatched by any machinery company in the region. So, we’re determined to keep them. We respect them with the same esteem and thoughtfulness as we do our customers. That’s how we nurture a mutual dedication to each other – and to you.


Joseph Malcarne comes from a lineage of talented craftsmen. Ever been to Gillette’s Castle in East Haddam, CT? If not, it is a great place to visit. The point is, Joseph’s great-grandfather was responsible for the amazing woodworking in this castle that was once owned by William Gillette. It has some very intriguing carved door latches and locks! At the young age of 13, Joseph had the skill and determination to accomplish almost any project; he built railroad tie walls, brick walks and driveways, stone patios and more. Before long, he managed the projects himself and directed a team of workers several years his senior. Joseph opened Malcarne Contracting on April 26th, 1996. Starting with renovation projects, the company grew to handle increasingly complex projects, including all phases of renovation, additions, gut rehabs, modulars, new construction and now, equipemnt!. Today, Malcarne Contracting is one of the largest construction companies in the Hudson Valley. Joseph loves working with people and infuses Malcarne Contracting with a work ethic that is tried and true and is what we now think of as “old-fashioned values”. We are the way it used to be… but better!